Political Science 175 & Environmental Studies 178
Politics of the Environment

This is a course on environmental politics and policy. In this course, we will pay particular attention to the public-opinion forces that cause environmental policy. We will discuss how politicians respond to those forces, and the public policy approaches that have been developed to address environmental problems.

If there are no spaces in this course available on GOLD, please sign up on the online wait list prior to the first class meeting (www.waitlist.ucsb.edu). Students should attend class during the first week to preserve their place on the wait list. If space becomes available, accommodation may be made for students who can demonstrate high priority need during the first week of class. Students should not assume that there will be space in discussion sections they want to attend.

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Those of you who are interested in being congressional interns in Washington D.C. should also check out the UCSB Washington Center Program. This program offers UCSB juniors and seniors opportunities to intern in Congress, in the White House, in interest groups, in government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, and in hundreds of other political and cultural institutions and organizations in and around Washington, D.C. There is a similar program for those who want to intern in the State Capital in Sacramento.

For more information about Political Science 175, contact:

Prof. Eric Smith
Department Political Science
3711 Ellison Hall
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