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Political Science 175: Political Science and Environmental Politics Journals

The journals below focus on various environmental issues from a variety of perspectives. Articles in them may prove to be useful sources for the term paper. Please also remember the standard political science, public policy, and law journals, which also have articles on environmental politics.

An excellent starting point for research on environmental politics and policy is the bibliography collected by Prof. David Robertson of the University of Missouri - St. Louis:

Another excellent source, which contains an extensive set of Congressional Research Service Reports, is the:


UCSB library call numbers follow each journal.


Academic, Peer-reviewed Journals
Note: Articles in these journals have been reviewed by scientists in the relevant fields. This "peer-review process" is designed to ensure that the results in the articles are correct. Many of these journals are available on-line through the UCSB Library.

Climatic Change (on-line)

Coastal Management (HT392.C6)

Ecology Law Review (K5.C64)

Energy Policy (HD9502.A1 E54)

Environment & Behavior (HM1.E6757)

Environment and History (GF75.E54)

Environment and Planning (HT101 .E53)

Environmental Ethics ( GF1.E68)

Environmental History Review (GF1.E18)

Environmental Politics (GE170.E577, Sci-Eng)

EPA Journal (EP 1.67: Govt Pub)

Human Ecology (GF1. H84)

Journal of Environment and Development (TD1 .J64 Sci-Eng)

Journal of Environmental Education (S946.E54)

Journal of Environmental Law (K10 .O8598)

Journal of Environmental Management (HC79.E5)

Food Policy (HD9000.1 .F5643)

Land Economics (H1.L36)

Land Use Policy (HD101 .L38)

Marine Policy (GC1000 .M27 Sci-Eng)

Natural Resources Journal ( H1. N35)

Ocean & Coastal Management (GC1015.O31)

Organization & Environment (HD49.O72)

Population and Environment (HB 848.J68)

Resources Policy (TN1 .R4 Sci-Eng)

Society & Natural Resources (HC10.S625)

UCLA Journal of Environmental Law and Policy (K25.C55)

Harvard Environmental Law Review (K8 .E15)


Non-academic Journals

Oil & Gas Journal (T1.O55)

Sierra (S900.S53)

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