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Web Resources on Congress and American Politics

This web page contains links to web resources that should be useful for students studying American politics and taking Political Science 12, 104, 151, 155, or and 175 at UCSB. In addition to sources covering Congress and Washington politics, I have included links to sites related to my research and teaching interests (other than Congress). The sites have been roughly grouped by the type of information they offer, but some sites could be listed under several headings because they offer a wide range of useful information. So when searching for information, be sure to investigate any site that looks useful irrespective of the heading below.

Political Science Students: When doing research for your papers, please remember that you are required to use a number of books and academic journals as research sources for your papers. Books and journals may be old-fashioned and low-tech, but there is far more useful and reliable information available in the library than on the web. You should regard the web as a useful secondary source of information for your papers, not as the primary source.

To jump to the web sites below, click on the site names. If you only want the web address, or URL, then point your mouse at the address to read the web address from your browser.

Legislation and Congressional Activity

The U.S. Budget

There are several useful sources of information on the U.S. Budget. Budget information coming from the White House has a Democratic slant. Budget information coming from the Republican majority controlling Congress has a Republican slant. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has a well-earned reputation for being the best, nonpartisan budget shop in Washington.

Members of Congress and their Districts

Political Parties and Related Organizations

Voter Turnout Organizations

Campaign Finance and the Federal Election Commission

The Presidency and the Executive Branch

News Media Sites

Reading local newspapers is a particularly useful way to investigate districts. The media sites below are either major national news outlets or local Santa Barbara sources. Many other newspapers have on-line editions. To search for a newspaper coming from a particular city, try UCSB's InfoSurf News Page at the end of this list.

Public Opinion, Voting, and Elections

General Resources on Politics and Public Policy

Environmental Interest Groups

The Courts

Those of you who are interested in going beyond SIMCONG and being congressional interns in Washington D.C. should also check out the UCSB Washington Center Program. This program offers UCSB juniors and seniors opportunities to intern in Congress, in the White House, in interest groups, in government agencies, and in hundreds of other political and cultural institutions and organizations in and around Washington, D.C.

  • The UCSB Washington Center Program

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